Petkit - 4-in-1 Cat Scratcher  *Sale*
Petkit - 4-in-1 Cat Scratcher  *Sale*
Petkit - 4-in-1 Cat Scratcher  *Sale*

Petkit - 4-in-1 Cat Scratcher *Sale*

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A 4-in-1 Cat Scratcher playground for hours of fun with your cat

The 4-in-1 Cat Scratcher Playground provides hours of fun for your pet, and is a great way to encourage claw maintenance in a fun way. The playground features two Meow Planet balls and a replaceable cardboard scratching board. The blue Meow planet ball is filled with high quality, fresh catnip and the orange Meow planet includes a fun bell to entertain your cat for hours. The playground can also be used as a pet bed for naps, with the high density corrugated board providing both comfort and play.

Multi-Function 4 in 1 Cat Scratcher for both Rest and Play

The Playground includes a cat scratching board, play track and orange and blue meow planets to promote playful activity for your cat. Not only is it a great indoor playground, it is also a perfect place for them to rest during the day. The compact size of the playground allows cats to release their energy, while also not taking up too much room making it perfect for smaller spaces.

Replaceable Meow Planets and Scratching Board

All detachable parts of the 4-in-1 cat scratcher playground are replaceable, available directly from Petkit UK. Each individual blue and orange meow planet and scratching board can be bought individually and easily replaced, ensuring you can continue to use the product for years to come.

Multi-Sensory Entertainment for your Cat

The playground allows your cat to experience a number of sensory activities without leaving the home, entertaining them through colour, sound, smell and movement. Cats like to test their senses, and having multiple activities means your cat will never get bored.

Finest Quality Materials

The Petkit 4-in-1 Playground is constructed from the finest materials and uses the highest quality durable corrugated boarding in its scratcher. Only the finest and freshest catnip is selected for use in the blue meow planet, giving your cat a healthy play experience.

Size 440×440×71