Pooch and Mutt - Puppy Daily Care Supplement (100g)

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Our new Daily Care Supplements for puppies have been created to give the newest member of your family the best start in life, packed with vitamins & minerals to help your puppy thrive, providing them with all the key building blocks their body needs to mature and develop is setting them up to be a happy and healthy adult.

Formulated with a blend of probiotics to help strengthen puppies sensitive stomach and improve nutrient uptake for healthy digestion, recent scientific studies have established links between a healthy gut and a robust immune system, strong skin barrier and even a happy brain!

These tasty tablets also contain vital Omega 3 & 6 to enhance cognitive development which also aids memory and focus - perfect for puppy training.

Puppies are prone to upset stomachs and infections, so the additional multivitamin blend helps to strengthen immune function and keep your puppy healthy & safe.