Ruffwear - Brush Guard

Ruffwear - Brush Guard

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Chest protection, lifting support - Twilight Grey

Add on to Ruffwears Web Master, Web Master Pro Harnesses, Approach Pack, Palisades Pack and Singletrak Pack

The Brush Guard from Ruffwear is an add-on to Ruffwear harnesses, offering three distinct purposes: it provides chest and belly protection from abrasion, adds additional support when lifting and assisting dogs, and further stabilizes packs and harnesses.

Features and Benefits

  • Three-layer construction provides protection, load dispersion, and stability
  • Designed for additional chest and belly coverage while allowing full range of motion
  • Hook-and-loop sleeves for easy on and off
  • Designed with durable, lightweight materials for all-season use
  • Nylon exterior doesn't collect foxtails, stickers, or snow and ice