5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

We all love it when summer rolls around, but the hot weather can be hard on our furry friends - think of it like yourself going out, on a sunny day, in a furry winter coat...

That's why Ruffwear offer an extensive range of cooling gear, to provide protection and relief from the sun! All you need to do is get the gear wet, and this relieves your pooch through evaporative cooling.


1. Swamp Cooler Neck Gaiter

The Ruffwear Neck Gaiter is brand new for the Spring/Summer 2022 collection. This particular piece of kit is a diamond in the Ruff among other cooling neck wraps - we've yet to see one more effective!

This handy accessory is made from soft, lightweight spandex, offering maximum comfort for your pooch. The UPF rating on the neck gaiter is 50+, meaning that 98% of sunlight is blocked. This keeps one of the more exposed parts of your dog safe from rays and prevents any overheating around the neck.

Simply soak the gaiter in water, and you're ready to hit the trail! The lining of the neck gaiter is dry-weave polyester, which helps keep your dog dry.


2. Swamp Cooler Harness

Another brand new product to the Summer 2022 collection is the Swamp Cooler Harness. This innovative design cools your dog, while also functioning as an everyday harness.

The light grey colour reflects sunlight, while the brightly coloured trim adds a bit of style! The middle layer of the harness is very absorbent, and stores water for evaporation. Six points of adjustment mean that your dog will be comfortable and an inner lining keeps your dog dry.

The harness conveniently covers and cools each area of your dog that is most likely to get hot - the chest, back and belly. It also features the two classic leash attachment points on the back, being a D-ring and a webbing loop. 


3. Swamp Cooler Vest

This handy vest provides the highest coverage in the new cooling range, protecting and cooling a large area of the dog.

Much as before, the light grey colour reflects sunlight. The air mesh outer material absorbs more water and retains water for longer. The middle layer of the harness is very absorbent, and stores water for evaporation. The close-fitting design is comfortable and lightweight while 


4. Swamp Cooler Zip Vest

The Swamp Cooler Vest with zip offers a very easy on-and-off solution to the standard Swamp Cooler.

This design features a spandex shield on the back panel, which reflects heat and protects your dog where the sun catches. 


5. Swamp Cooler Core

Finally, the Swamp Cooler Core offers a minimal cooling solution alongside the use of your standard harness or doggie saddlebag. 

This add-on is simple to use. Soak in water, wring it out and then attach using velcro! It works by cooling the stomach and chest area, which then cools your dog holistically. It's designed to be lightweight, without disrupting your dog's freedom of movement.

For use alongside the Web Master, Approach Pack, Palisades Pack or Singletrak Pack.

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