Best Ruffwear Harnesses for Three-Legged Dogs

Best Ruffwear Harnesses for Three-Legged Dogs

Every dog needs regular exercise, and three-legged dogs, commonly known as tripawd dogs or tripod dogs, are no exception. Short walks, and strengthening activities in line with vet advice, are very important for maintaining your dog's physical and mental health.

While a collar can work for your dog, many tripawd parents will opt for a high-quality harness. Tripawds who travel a lot and need help getting in the car, tripawds who frequently use the staircase, or tripawds who generally struggle with mobility, will benefit from a harness.

We chose the below harnesses as they all feature two girth straps, a handle, and are suitable for use over an extended period of time. The ideal harness will depend on the needs of your dog, but we're here to help you narrow things down! Read on for some of our favourites.

Web Master Harness by Ruffwear

The Web Master is the harness-of-choice for avalanche rescue dogs, houdini dogs, and service dogs. Nowadays, it is a preferred harness for our tripawd friends! 

With a rugged handle, and a design that distributes weight evenly and comfortably when lifted, this harness is great for tripawds. This support helps your dog across rough terrain, into your car, up your stairs & more. The handle support is also ideal for dogs who need help with their balance, especially if this is a recent surgery.

This is a great choice for dogs missing the front right limb, or one of the rear limbs. However, your dog may struggle with this harness if they're missing the front left limb, as the dog needs to feed the right limb through the harness when fitting. In this case, another style, such as the Flagline, may be more suitable.

Many will pair with a Ruffwear Brush Guard, which adds a little more padding when lifting your dog, which can be seen as pictured.


Flagline Harness by Ruffwear


Much like the Web Master, the Flagline features two girth straps for that extra bit of support. It's suitable for most tripawd dogs, no matter which limb has been amputated, as you can fit the harness without lifting any legs.

The Flagline features a handle for lift-and-assist, which, combined with wide belly support, makes it great for getting into the car or going up the stairs.

The harness features multiple attachment points, including a front loop, which makes it a great tool for light anti-pull training. The inside of the harness also features debris-resistant liner, so if you enjoy visiting the beach with your pooch, this could be the harness for you! Dirt and sand quickly works it's way out of this harness. 

The Flagline is very lightweight and malleable in comparison to the Web Master, making it a great option for smaller dogs, or dogs with a slight build. The Web Master is well-padded, and can sometimes appear too bulky for our smaller furry friends.

Swamp Cooler Harness by Ruffwear


This specialist harness is similar in shape and design to the Flagline. It's soft and comfortable, with a padded handle and the widest belly panel of the range for lift-and-assist.

This harness utilises Ruffwear's all-in-one cooling solution, making it great for dogs who get hot easily, or for warm summer days. Simply soak the harness, and let evaporative cooling do the rest! The cooling feature is optional, and can otherwise be used as an everyday harness in other seasons.

The Swamp Cooler is similar in design to the Flagline, and as such, does not require you to lift any legs to fit the harness.

Any Questions? Reach Out!

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While we have many years of experience fitting harnesses, we would always recommend seeking advice from your vet.

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