Choosing a K9 Sport Sack Carrier

Choosing a K9 Sport Sack Carrier

The veterinarian-approved K9 Sport Sack dog carriers are becoming the bags-of-choice for many dog owners. Lightweight, durable, and unique in that they are forward-facing, these carriers are used for urban adventures, hikes, cycling and more.

With such a range of styles, the questions we frequently get asked is how to choose a carrier, and what the difference is between them. After all, you need the very best one for not only your dog, but for the activity you will use the carrier for!


Lets start with the similarities. Each carrier includes a carabiner safety clip for attaching to your dog's collar, allowing for maximum safety. They each feature mesh panels for ventilation on warmer days, and a padded base to keep your pooch as secure and comfortable as possible.

Read on for an overview of the recommended use, weight limits, and unique features of each model! 



Weight Limit: 13kg

Available Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large

Ideal For: Short walks, everyday use and public transportation.

The Trainer is a minimal, entry-level carrier, which is a great choice for puppies and very small dogs. Without all the bells and whistles that some of the other carriers have, this carrier is great for everyday use in a park, or for public transportation.

This carrier features a side pocket, allowing for treats or a small water bottle to be stored. The Trainer features a single lumbar strap, but does not feature the sternum strap that is prevalent on other models, or the waist strap. For this reason, it is best used for lighter furry friends.

Air 2


Weight Limit: 13kg

Available Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large

Ideal For: Short walks, hiking 1-2 miles, cycling, everyday use and public transportation.

The Air 2 is a step-up from the Trainer. Both are lightweight, and suitable for smaller dogs, but has a few extra features to make the carrier useful for further activities.

Unlike the Trainer, the Air 2 features a sternum strap, which helps disperse the weight of your dog and keep the bag steady. It also alleviates pressure on the shoulders, and helps prevent the shoulder straps from sliding off. The Air 2 also comes with an upper and lower lumbar strap around the dog for extra support, and features more padding than Trainer.

Urban 3

Weight Limit: 18kg

Available Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large

Ideal For: Short walks, everyday use and public transportation.


The Urban 3 is the latest model of Sport Sack as of writing, and aims to meet the needs of both human and dog. It's unique in that it can convert and fold over to create an everyday rucksack, for those (admittedly very rare!) dog-less trips.

This carrier features a bit more storage than the Trainer and Air 2, with expandable side pockets. It features more padding, and a reinforced base, for human and dog's comfort.

Featuring the sternum strap found in the Air 2, and double cinching lumbar straps, the Urban 3 has the added bonus of a waist strap. This allows for extra support, and helps keep the shoulders from getting sore, when carrying heavier dogs. 


Plus 2

Weight Limit: 18kg

Available Sizes: Small, Medium and Large

Ideal For: Cycling or hiking for approx. 3+ miles, everyday use and public transportation.


The Plus 2 model is a carrier that features multi-functional storage, featuring a detachable 35cm x 23cm bag to carry toys and treats, or even your own gear. This detachable bag also functions as a back support for your dog.

This model features K9 Sport Sacks' thickest, most comfortable padding on the back and ergonomic padded shoulder straps, allowing for more strenuous activities and to help with carrying heavier dogs. 


Weight Limit: 23kg

Available Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

Ideal For:  Longer walks and hikes, everyday use and public transportation.


The Knavigate is designed to be an all-rounder, featuring all the very best of the other models. It has the largest range of sizes available, making it suitable for a range of breeds.

Much like the Plus 2 model, the Knavigate features extra storage. There is a compartment under the base of the bag, which allows you to carry treats and toys on-the-go. It's also nicely padded along the shoulder straps and back, and the 


Weight Limit: 36kg

Available Sizes: Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large

Ideal For: Longer walks and hikes, everyday use and public transportation.


Last, but certainly not least, the Kolossus, with a whopping 36kg weight limit, is ideal for bigger dog breeds. Equipped with a higher adjustability than other models, and thick shoulder straps and back panels, the Kolossus is comfortable for the wearer. 

The Kolossus includes a hood that offers rain protection in rainy days, or shade on warm days.

After deciding on the fit, we always advise trying these on indoors, before setting out, to allow both you and your dog to get used to the carrier safely. 


We hope this helps with your choice! We can be reached at if you need any further advice.

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