Do Dogs Really Need Boots?

Do Dogs Really Need Boots?

Dog boots have become a staple in the doggie community, with popularity growing over the last couple of years. Some of you may be wondering - why are more and more dogs you see sporting a pair (or two pairs!) of boots?

There are a wide variety of reasons dogs will wear boots, and many do in fact need them for a comfortable walk. Below are some of the main reasons a dog will wear boots - if any of the following applies to your dog, a pair of boots could definitely help.

Cold Weather

Snow and ice on your dog's paws can dry out the paw, crack the paw or even cause frostbite in extreme cases. One of the boots in our range is designed to help keep snow out, using doggie gaiters. Certain shoes are also designed to trap heat at the upper portion of the shoe, keeping your dog's paws warm in bitter conditions.

Many boots are designed with a high traction sole, which makes walking on ice a breeze! The sole of a shoe like the Polar Trex by Ruffwear is made with Vibram Icetrek rubber, with a lug pattern to offer excellent traction and help stop your dog slipping.

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Keeping Your Home Clean

Muddy adventures are always fun, but the worst part is coming home. Your dog bolts through the doorway, splashing mud all over the floor and walls, and you wish you never bothered!

Many will use boots to let their dog romp around, then take the boots off by their back door to help minimise the muddy damage!

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Allergies are not rare in the dog world, and grass allergies are among the most common. Grasses such as alfalfa, rye and fescue are common irritants, or pollens from trees and weeds.

While most grass allergies are caused by inhaling pollen, a set of dog boots can help alleviate physical symptoms on the skin, such as redness, rashes and itchiness.

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If you're an avid hiker, you'll know that the terrain can be tough. Mountains often crumble, and leave behind talus, scree and boulders, which can be very tricky to traverse as they can shift under your feet, and the ground is consistently uneven.

Dog boots offer traction for easy travel across any terrain. Outsoles on some dog boots are designed with interlocked tread patterns to maintain grip and traction over rough terrain.

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Poorly Paws

If your dog has an injured paw, a pair of boots can help aid the healing process by keeping the paws dry.

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