Product Perspectives - Get on Board with the Non-stop Fjord

Product Perspectives - Get on Board with the Non-stop Fjord

If you own a dog, the chances are you've considered investing in a raincoat for them over the autumn and winter months.

Doggie raincoats aren't uncommon among smaller breeds, but if you own anything larger than a Jack Russell, you've possibly sided against the idea.

The truth is, whether you're traversing the Old Man of Storr, or playing in the local dog park, your dog is bound to get wet. And unless you've got a water-loving pup, dogs don't tend to be a huge fan of the rain.

This often leads to your dog shaking in the middle of your freshly-cleaned living room, and a half hour spent drying your dog off with a towel.

Not ideal.

That's where the Non-stop Dogwear Fjord Jacket comes in!

Of course, while we love every raincoat that we sell here at Mountain Dog (we wouldn't stock them if we didn't!), the Fjord remains one of our firm favourites.

But what makes this particular raincoat stand out from the crowd? Read on to find out!

Waterproof & Windproof

The polyester shell of the Fjord raincoat puts a stop to wind and rain. Crafted from the same materials used for human apparel, the Fjord is resistant to the wind, no matter how hard it blows.
The shell boasts a 15.000mm waterproof rating, which effectively keeps your dog clean and dry. To top it off, there's drainage holes in the chest of the coat, to prevent water pooling inside the coat.
This places the Fjord at the highest waterproof rating of any coat we sell, at an a-Fjordable price point!

These features make the Fjord especially well-suited to long walks over mountainous and hilly terrain.
What Do Our Customers Say?

"No rubbing or chafing or water leaking down the neck or legs and she stayed totally dry on her body. The jacket dries out really quickly, is light and comes in its own packing bag. Really impressed and it saved us from many a soggy towel and the dreaded damp dog smell!"
- Ellie, from

Excellent for All Shapes & Breeds

Another great feature of the Fjord is that you can get a great fit with almost all dog breeds and sizes.

This jacket is available in 14 sizes, making it easy to get a spot-on fit for your dog. These sizes are based on your dog's back length, so that the coat will fit comfortably along the dog, while the belly strap is highly adjustable to fit all shapes.

Along the body of the coat, you will find toggles that cinch the coat to get an optimum fit along the neck and back. The coat fits your dog's girth, but is slightly too long along the back? No worries! Simply adjust the toggle to adjust the back length of the coat.

What Do Our Customers Say?

"Excellent waterproof jacket, great quality, well thought out design that can adjusted to fit any shape dog. We have a Greyhound and we’re uncertain if the jacket would work given the greyhound body shape but the adjustable straps and pull coarse at the neck and bottom work brilliantly. Would highly recommend this versatile attractive and quality jacket!"
- John-Paul, from

High Coverage, Leg Loops & Storm Hood

With some of the poorer-quality coats on the market, we find that the coverage isn't enough to keep a dog dry. They come up so short that the rump isn't covered, or they come up too long and swamp the dog, which can effect their gait.

If fitted correctly, the Fjord is form-fitting, with the coat protecting the back, the thighs, most of the tummy, and the very top of the shoulders, leaving room for the dog to use the toilet without soiling the coat. You can even use the storm hood to keep the neck and ears dry, which is especially great for dogs with larger ears, or dogs who are sensitive to the wind.

This effectively keeps your dog cosy and dry, with only the feet and legs being exposed to the rain.

What Do Our Customers Say?

"Wore for the first time in poring rain and apart from legs and feet dog was very dry - even the wife was quite impressed."
- Gary, from
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