Measuring & Sizing Dog Shoes, Booties & Socks

Measuring & Sizing Dog Shoes, Booties & Socks

A vast number of sizes to choose from, plus a very wiggly dog, makes fitting boots a little tricky - especially when shopping remotely.

Not to worry, we've outlined a quick guide to measuring your dog's paws, and how to know you have a good fit.

Ruffwear, Rukka, MDOG Guidance

With so many sizing options available, measuring your dog's paws are integral to choosing a size.

The best method we've found for measuring their dog boots is as below.

With the paw you wish to measure splayed out, measure the width of the paw. The easiest way we've found to do this, is with a pen and paper.

Coax your dog to give you a paw, then, with one paw on a piece of paper splayed out, mark the widest points of each side of the paw with a pen. You can then measure the gap.

When fitted, they should be a snug fit, while allowing room for the paw to splay out. The dew claw should be safely covered by the shoe. When tried on at home, the boots shouldn't sag or start falling off, even when walking around.

Non-stop Dogwear Guidance

As with any boot, measuring your dog's paws is the key to a good fit with the Non-stop range - this allows the shoe to be suitably cinched up, which then helps keep it secure on the dog's paw.

Unlike other brands, the paw is measured with a slightly different method.

To measure, use a cloth tape measure and measure the width along the top of the paw. Then, check the measurement against the sizing chart to choose your size.

Once on, please don't be afraid to tighten the velcro cinches to get a snug fit - tightening these sufficiently helps keep the shoe on the dog's paws.

It should allow room for the paws to splay, and allow for complete freedom of movement. To prevent catching, the shoe should also cover over the dew claw. When tried on at home, the boots shouldn't sag or start falling off, even when walking around.

These boots are sold in packs of 4, so there's no need to measure the back paws.

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