New Collection Launch: Working Dog Series

New Collection Launch: Working Dog Series

Exciting news, all the way from Norway! 

The new collection of Working Dog gear has landed at Mountain Dog HQ, and we're loving it.

The gear in this launch are all much-loved products that have been in circulation for the last few years, but built upon for added strength to best suit dog trainers and handlers - and in a stylish dark green!

Read on for an overview of the new collection.


Freemotion Harness

Based on one of the world's favourite joring harnesses, this iteration of the Freemotion is built with heavy-duty, strong nylon for more strenuous use.

Designed to allow full freedom of movement, and keeps clear of the airway to avoid any force on the neck during use.

This harness is ideal for activities with a high-pulling point, but this version has two rings at the side to allow attachment of a Pulling Attachment (sold separately.)

This harness is usable as a joring harness for activities such as canicross, and the Working Dog version is also great for physical training for K9 deployment.


Line Harness with Grip


The Line Harness with Grip is built upon the foundation of the standard Line Harness with Grip.

The handle on the back is designed to sit out the way of brush, thorn, or anything else that it may catch on. It's also positioned to allow easy grab when working with your dog.

The buckles on this version are made of metal, instead of the plastic on the standard version.


Pulling Attachment


The Pulling Attachment is a companion to the Working Dog Freemotion Harness, attaching to the side rings to allow for low pulling point activities.

Elastic straps help with fitting this over your dog, and keeping it from trailing on the ground during activities.


Glacier Jacket


The Working Dog Glacier Jacket is very similar to the standard counterpart, with the benefit of more heavy-duty components, and reduced sound during movement.

It also features hook and loop features, allowing for attachment of identification on working dogs.

Similarly to the original, the WD Glacier is shaped to protect large muscle groups on your dog, while also allowing for freedom of movement.


Solid Adjustable Collar

The Working Dog Solid Adjustable Collar is a new addition to Non-stop's range, being available in only one size. Thanks to it's adjustable nature, the Solid Adjustable Collar is suitable for most growing dogs.

This collar is a semi-slip, making it harder for dogs to back out of and easy to put on.


Solid Lead

Another new addition to the line-up, the Working Dog Solid Lead is a great choice for working dogs in training, being 2M in length. Being built with double webbing and a strong carabiner rated to 300kg, this is a lead designed with stronger dogs in mind.


Touring Bungee Lead

Last, but certainly not least, the Working Dog Touring Bungee line is built with an elastic section, which helps soften sudden pulls during training.

Unlike most of the range, this version vastly differs to the original, using a trigger clip for easy use, as opposed to a twist-lock carabiner.


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