Product Perspective - Double-Strap Rock Harness Long

Product Perspective - Double-Strap Rock Harness Long

The long-awaited Non-stop dogwear Rock Harness Long has arrived at Mountain Dog HQ!

Founded in 2009, Non-stop dogwear has worked hard to create products that allow their dogs to compete freely across all activities and settings, without their gear compromising movement or breathing.

Originating in Oslo, Norway, Non-stop dogwear gear is now available in 27 countries.

Their newest product (as of the release of this blog) is their very first double-strap harness. The Rock Harness Long is designed with the goal of being the most versatile harness on the market - we think they did a great job! 

This blog will cover all the key features you need to know about the highly anticipated Rock Harness Long.


Let's start with the obvious...

The double-strap feature of the harness makes it much harder for dog's to escape from. If your dog's a houdini, this harness could be the one for them!

It also means the harness has much more adjustability, making it suitable for certain breeds like deep-chested sighthounds, or longer-bodied dogs like standard dachshunds. 


The Rock Harness Long is made primarily from HexiVent, Non-stop dogwear's own technical material.

Dog equipment goes through a lot when worn by our dogs, and it's important for it to be able to stand up to the great outdoors, while also being comfortable for the dog to wear. We think Non-stop dogwear struck the perfect balance with HexiVent!

It consists of three layers - a honeycomb mesh, soft foam with ventilation holes and then a thin breathing mesh. This means the harness is quick to dry after water adventures, and it also means it's very breathable on warmer days. 

Restraint Handle

Much like the rest of the harness range, the Rock Harness Long features a handle along the back.

Unlike other styles, such as the Ramble or standard Rock Harness, this handle is vertical along the dog's back. This makes it much more than a standard restraint handle, as it is designed for lift-and-assist on tougher terrain and other obstacles.

The handle feature makes this a gamechanger for elderly dogs who need help in-and-out of the car, adventuring dogs who love the mountain trail, or even tripawds who benefit from an extra bit of support.

Front Clip

The Rock Harness Long features a front clip made of webbing, which allows the harness to be used for mild anti-pull training. Please note that this front clip isn't designed to take the full weight of the dog, and must be used alongside a double-ended lead. 

With one end of the lead connected to the main metal buckle, and the other end connected to the webbing clip, you can gently correct pulling using the end attached to the webbing clip. A professional dog trainer will be able to advise best with this. 

Need Advice?

If you need any help with sizing this product, or any other advice, you can reach us via email at, or by telephone on 01670343010.

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