Brand Integrity: The Path to Sustainability with Hurtta!

Brand Integrity: The Path to Sustainability with Hurtta!

Mountain Dog prides itself on stocking brands that genuinely do their part to be as sustainable, and environmentally conscious, as possible. As both dog owners, and as nature-lovers, we recognise that being mindful in our product and partner choices is a big step we can take towards protecting our environment. 

Our good friends Hurtta, who were Mountain Dog's Crufts partner in both 2020 and 2022, are committed to achieving a fully circular business model by 2030, and has taken many sustainable steps towards this goal.

Below are just some of their many actions leading up to the year 2030!

ECO Range


Hurtta has made it one of their many  missions to limit raw materials, and actively incorporate upcycled, eco-friendly materials into their products. Over the last few years, Hurtta has introduced more gear into their ECO range than ever before.

The percentage of recycled materials found in each product can be found on the packaging, but most ECO products are manufactured with 80-100% recycled materials. The percentage used is dependent on the product, and suitable the recycled alternative is.

In 2023, 88% of Hurtta products released were made from recycled materials - a huge step towards a full ECO range!

Here at Mountain Dog, we are a huge supporter of Hurtta's ECO gear. As of writing this blog in November 2023, 75% of the products Mountain Dog sell from Hurtta are a part of their ECO range:



bluesign® Systems Partnership



As of the beginning of 2023, Hurtta is an official bluesign® Systems Partner!

bluesign® are committed to partnering with manufacturers and suppliers proactively eliminating harmful substances in the textile industry. If a product or material carries a bluesign® product or approved label, it has been manufactured within their very strict criteria, as seen here -

By collaborating with bluesign®, Hurtta can focus on a sustainable future and effectively reduce harmful chemicals in their manufacturing.

By 2030, Hurtta aim to use no unsafe chemicals in the manufacturing process.




In Hurtta's product listings, they heavily encourage that all of the product's packaging should be recycled by their customers. For example, they urge their customers to use elastic ties to make scrunchies, or the hangtag cords for arts and crafts.

They also urge customers to recycle the packaging appropriately, which is made of cardboard.

Love it Longer


Thinking beyond monetary gain, Hurtta believe that the longer a product is used, the lower the per-use manufacturing impact on our environment. They heavily encourage customers to gift or sell unwanted or outgrown gear, so that it can see new life with a another dog.

Hurtta has dedicated a lot of time and resources into creating YouTube videos, and information pages, teaching customers how to repair their items. This keeps the gear in use for longer, and limits the need for a replacement.

For example, Hurtta design their buckles so that they can be replaced easily, if the male buckle on your gear is chewed or trod on.

These replacement parts are readily available to buy on their website, and are a much cheaper alternative to purchasing a brand new coat,.

Have a Hurtta product that could do with some TLC? Take a look at their repair instructions -

What's Next for Hurtta?

Hurtta continues to take active steps towards a sustainable future for the environment that we, and our dogs, love.


It's full steam ahead, as they strive for their sustainable goals by 2030. With the promise of all future products being made from recycled materials in the meantime (at no detriment to quality, of course!), it's an exciting time for Hurtta!

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