The Many Uses of the Long Line Dog Lead

The Many Uses of the Long Line Dog Lead

Our Mountain Dog long line dog leads, also known as grip or training lines, are one of our best-selling products. A long line is a leash that is longer than most, with a clip at the end. They're available at an affordable price, in a range of lengths suited to all furry friends.

But what uses does a long line serve, beyond the uses of a usual leash?

Read on!

The Many Uses

First, let's get to the uses of the long line. The key thing about this product is that it's longer than your everyday leash, making it extremely versatile.

Recall Training

One of the more popular uses of the long line is recall training. Whether you've just bought your first puppy, or you've taken a rescue under your wing, long lines are one of the best tools to recall train your dog.

The longer line allows you to safely put your puppy or dog a distance away from yourself, before recalling them with a treat.

Open Areas

There are some situations where your dog cannot be off leash, or, depending on your dog's nature, they cannot be trusted off-leash yet. Your dog may run away from you, your dog may single-handedly destroy the local wildlife population, or your dog may greet all the dogs in the neighbourhood.

However, if you're on an adventure in an open area, a long line leash comes in very handy. You can attach this to your dog and allow them to explore, without worrying about them running off.


A great lifejacket is a necessity for swimming dogs, especially in open water. A long line helps keep your dog at a close proximity, while also allowing some freedom.


Mantrailing is a low-impact sport, that involves your dog following a scent trail. This sport is great for dogs of all sizes and breeds, as all dogs have the ability to do it, and offers mental and intellectual stimulation.

Mantrailing is often done with a long line leash, as this offers the dog a way to follow the trail in a controlled, safe way.

What Makes the DNA Grip Line Great?

The Mountain Dog DNA Grip Line is a perfect example of a well-constructed, durable choice (although we are a little biased!)

Available in four different lengths, ranging from 5M to 15M, the DNA Grip Line is perfect for all the above uses. They're constructed with high-quality webbing, with interwoven rubber that makes the line very easy to hol

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