Trailhead Take-off: Updated Ruffwear Web Master Design!

Trailhead Take-off: Updated Ruffwear Web Master Design!

With the release of the redesigned Ruffwear Flagline and Hi & Light harnesses, the Web Master was starting to feel a little left out... it was only a matter of time before this houdini-proof harness got some TLC!

About the Web Master

The Web Master is the preferred harness of all sighthounds, rescue & service dogs amputee dogs and houdini dogs. The functionality of the harness makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of uses, being used from everyday walks to the wildest of terrain.

To fit the harness, you need to feed the dog's right leg through. This makes it very difficult for your dog to back out of. Coupled with the double-belly straps, and you have your houdini-proof harness!

The harness has five points of adjustment, allowing it to fit even the oddest of shaped dogs! This makes it brilliant for sighthounds, who often struggle finding a great fit due to their deep chests and narrow waists.

The handle on the back of the harness is used for lift-and-assist, and is designed to be very strong, distributing your dog's weight effectively. This is great for everyday use, such as helping your dog out of a car, or for rescue teams on rocky terrain.

All-New Colours

The updated harnesses arrived with us this week, and we're loving the brand-new colours! The original colours were Twilight Grey, Red Currant and Blue Dusk - and while we loved these too, a change-up was definitely welcomed! 

The brand new colours are as below:

Blaze Orange, Slate Blue, Purple Rain & Red Sumac - some are old favourites, some are all-new colours to Ruffwear's entire range! Which is your favourite?

Updated Chassis

The foam that makes up the chassis of the harness has now been updated to a more breathable and flexible material. This allows for a more comfortable fit, especially on warmer days. 

New Material

Ruffwear have always loved using polyester ripstop for their products. Nothing has changed here, but the fabric is now much more resistant to fading!

The Verdict

The staff at Mountain Dog HQ are loving the new Web Master! The overall vote for favourite colour is Purple Rain - we're so excited to see Ruffwear bringing some more purple into the range!

Will you be picking one up?

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