Why Do Some Dogs Wear Dog Goggles?

Why Do Some Dogs Wear Dog Goggles?

Goggles have become a popular accessory in the dog world, and for good reason. And no, it's not just a fashion statement!

While they do look cool, many dogs wear these for a more important reason that fashion.

Below are some of the biggest reasons our customers will invest in a pair of high-quality dog goggles!

1. UV Protection


Pannus, or chronic superficial keratitis, is a common eye disease in specific breeds. While incurable, it can often be managed through topical medication.

Pannus is thought to be a hereditary condition, being more common in dogs such as border collies and German shepherds, but the condition can be brought about or worsened by UV rays.

Many vets are now recommending a pair of goggles, as they can help prevent pannus from developing, or can even stop the disease from worsening. A favourite among vets is the Rex Specs, who developed their first pair of goggles to combat Pannus in their own dog, Tuckerman.

2. Working Dogs

Many working dogs, particularly hunting or search & rescue dogs, find use in a good pair of goggles.

Hunting dogs are prone to abrasions, or even further damage, from the animals they retrieve. Birds in particular can poke and peck at your dog's eyes, and they can sometimes lose them in this occupation.

Working dogs traverse many different terrains, including beaches, dusty cliffs and snowy mountains. Debris, sharp grasses and ice can cause minor abrasions to the eye, which accumulate overtime.

The lenses of Rex Specs goggles are made with polycarbonate, which is scratch-resistant, to protect your dog's eyes on their important jobs.

3. Everyday Life

For all the reasons above, your non-working pooch may still benefit from a set of goggles. Maybe they dive head-first into the sand, or maybe they're darting in and out of thorny bushes.

4. Motorbiking & Backpack Carriers

Us humans like to live life in the fast lane, and we love nothing more than having our best friend by our side.

When cycling or motorbiking, many pet lovers will use a sidecar, or a K9 Sport Sack, to allow their dog to join in the fun. Much like ourselves, a pair of goggles for your dog can help keep dust particles and insects out of their eyes.

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