Who are Mountain Dog?

Mountain Dog are a limited company in the UK specialising in the field of outdoor and active pursuits with your dog.

Our aim is to offer high quality products and solutions, build a strong outdoors brand for which you are proud to be associated, establish an active and useful social community and of course excel in our customer service when you choose to buy from us. We are not big, but we care.

Our sales HQ is on the outskirts of Lake District National Park and is serving the whole of Europe and beyond, so far we've managed to kit out dogs as far afield as Martinique and French Polynesia!

Our formal registered office is

38 Stanhope Road, South Shields, England, NE33 4BT

But don't visit - you wont find us there! Our lovely accountant might offer you a cup of the though :-)

Company no 10992898

We are registered for VAT

GB 308 8799 51

Mountain Dog are currently on-line and event based retail where we exhibit at some of largest outdoor shows and dog festivals such as Crufts. A retail store is planned in 2019 to complement this - watch this space.


Postal & Return Address:

Mountain Dog Limited, New Rent Cottage, Hutton-in-the-Forest ,Cumbria. CA11 9TJ

What do you mean by 'Be A Mountain Dog'?

Great question!

Mountain Dog is a commercial concern and brand but importantly it is also a community for people enjoying life with their dog in the great outdoors. Let's be honest, we'd love you to buy something from us but it's not a deal breaker!

Being a Mountain Dog is a state of mind,and, in our view, refers to any breed of dog or their owner alike. If you and your dog have fun on foot, enjoy the ski slope, scrambling together, getting greater distances on the bike, or you are both at home in in the water - join in - we would love to have you along - you already embody the spirit of Mountain Dog!

Why should I buy from Mountain Dog?

We say why not? Seriously though, we realise you have a choice and with the Internet it is so easy to shave a pound or two off with a quick search on Google!

Mountain Dog will work hard to provide you with the best value we can, offer you insights when making a buying decision and provide an on-line community so you can connect with like minded individuals and their dogs. Find us on Facebook & Instagram @mountaindogltd

We intensley focus on good quality service (pre and post sale), which is the backbone of our offer. Be assured we are definitely here to run a profitable business, it pays for the roof over our heads, but we want to do so in a fair and equitable way - let us know if we achieve this goal with you.

Other sites have 1000's of Products, why don't you?


Mountain Dog will only ever associate to the most respected and credible brands in this field - better to buy right than buy twice in our opinion.

We intentionally keep our range short to ensure simplicity, improve our supplier position (which helps you), increase product knowledge to ensure an informed decision.

Too often on the Internet we are faced with a wall of products akin to the 'stack 'em high, sell em cheap' philosophy - that is not Mountain Dog. We will always insert a value offer where we can but these will be strictly assessed for quality before introduction to the site.

Let's be honest more choice can just confuse and delay, let's keep it simple is our perspective.

Do you price match?

If you want to buy from Mountain Dog do join our mailing list and VIP club as we routinely have unique offers and coupon codes for subscribers/members.

Alternately contact us on the webform to discuss a requirement.  We are always up for a deal if it's a win win! Speak to us and we'd be happy to see how we can help.

In the current market commodisation of products through Internet sites is a regular occurence and can drive quality and service down. On that basis we will not commit a ubiquitous price guarantee which sends our business in the same direction. Of course we want you as a customer and we want you to enjoy the Mountain Dog service - try us out for size we promise you won't regret it. 

What about your shipping and returns policy, terms and conditions and privacy policy?

All of these are linked on the footer of each page, scroll to the bottom and enjoy! Seriously we believe you'll find our policies very fair, especially on returns where we have a 30 day return commitment. Brands we represent often have great guarantees and we are always happy to work with you after this time has expired.