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DNA - Ascent Sherpa Lead

DNA - Ascent Sherpa Lead

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The Ascent Sherpa lead is a rugged, outdoor-inspired rope dog lead, with quality rope and outdoor-grade stitching, which is further reinforced with a knotted design.

Coupled with a climbing grade, 12KN twist-to-lock carabiner, you are set for even the most demanding adventure.

This rope is built and woven in the UK, with a high breaking load, but is still lightweight and malleable to ensure a comfortable grip.

Available from a very short 70cm for close control of your dog, to a generous 2m for those who need more space.

Perfect for all adventures, whatever the weather.

This Northumberland-designed product comes in four contemporary designs, all of which have a subtle nod to our heritage, with the flecks of red and yellow of our county flag across their bold base colours.

Four vivid colours available.

Bamburgh Blue - Inspired by the setting of the stoic Bamburgh Castle, that is perfectly framed by expansive skies and the wild North Sea.

Dark Skies - Celebrating England's largest dark sky park. A striking black, contrasted with astral flecks.

Roman Red - A nod to the hue of the uniform worn by Roman soldiers, who significantly shaped our landscapes and landmarks.

Otterburn Orange - Sitting proudly astride the unique terrain of the Cheviot Hills, the area, when bathed in a low autumnal light, casts a magical, ember-like glow across the hibernating ranges.

Made in Britain.
Made in Northumberland with Love.

Key Features

- Stitched, double-knot design for added strength.

- Option to unknot handle to lengthen or accommodate large glove.

- Twist-to-lock carabiner, rated to 12KN.

- Stylish, Northumberland-flag inspired design.

- Protective silicone trimming.

- Manufactured in the UK.


10mm core

70cm, 1m, 1.5m or 2m Length Options.

70cm is great for keeping close control of a tall dog.
1m-1.5m is perfect for most dogs.
2m for those who prefer their dog in a different postcode!

Due to the knotted nature of the Sherpa, lengths may vary between products.


British Woven Rope:

10mm Braid on Braid rope. 2520kg breaking load. Polyester. 12 Strand Core. 24 Plait.


Twist-lock. Rated up to 12KN breaking load. Strong but lightweight.

Outdoor-grade stitching.

DNA branding.


Hand wash only, mild detergent.

It is advised to clean, and lubricate, your carabiner periodically to ensure optimal function.

Recommended Use

Not suitable for climbing activities or use as a support rope.

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