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DNA - Road Trip Seatbelt Loop Tether v2 with Carabiner

DNA - Road Trip Seatbelt Loop Tether v2 with Carabiner

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Need a tether to keep your dog secured to the rear seatbelt during your car journeys?

Then look no further than the DNA Road Trip Car Seatbelt Tether v2 - Improved in both design and strength from our previous version. Comes in our signature style too!

Feed the loop through the seatbelt ribbon, clip in your seatbelt and use the carabiner to attach to your dog's harness.

The DNA branded carabiner swivels 360 degrees, which can limit tangling and reduce the chances of injury.

Mountain Dog DNA Road Trip products help you avoid driving distractions by keeping your dog in limited position when travelling. Please check this item is effective for your size dog and the dimensions of the car area they are riding in.

Unique Forged Embers signature design - perfect low tones for most car interiors

Made in Britain - Made in Northumberland

All of our processes support British partners where viable


Webbing 25mm width /approx 27cm length


v2 now uses British sourced polyester webbing - giving better strength, UV protection and durability than our previous version

Outdoor grade stitching

Strong DNA branded snap-lock Carabiner.

Recommended Use

In compliance with rule 57 of the Highway Code, this product can reduce distraction while you're driving:

"When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop quickly.“

While this item is built to our usual standards, this item (like similar products from other brands) is not crash tested and may not be sufficient to protect dogs and passengers from injury in the case of a collision. Please always consider this guidance, and ensure the integrity of the product before use.

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