Kong - ChewStix (Medium)

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Kong Chewstix is a play stick with the same enjoyment as an outdoor stick but safer! 

The Kong ChewStix contains real wood making sure to make dogs that love to chase and chew sticks have a great time whilst providing them with a safer solution. The Kong ChewStix come with a bacon scent to entice and encourage and reward positive chewing. 

The toy is durable, however over time, your dog will likely begin to eat away at the ChewStix. Unlike outdoor sticks that will splinter and become dangerous when chewed, the Kong ChewStix instead flakes away when the dog has broken into the toy, making it safer for your pooch to consume. The ChewStix design of rounded edges and grooves makes chewing rewardable, safe and engaging for your dog whilst keeping your dogs teeth and gums clean.

Made from 50% Birch Tree Wood and 50% Polyethylene

Mountain Dog  provide toy products from only the most reputable brands. Whilst these items are durable in nature they can be susceptible to damage if play is not supervised