A Comparison of Ruffwear Harnesses 2022

A Comparison of Ruffwear Harnesses 2022

Struggling to know which harness is right for you? Ruffwear offer solutions for lift-and-assist, training or leash pulling, and everyday adventures. They're built from a dog's perspective, with an adjustable fit for any size or shape.

With new designs and colours for spring, here's everything you need to know to choose the best harness for your pup!


A Brief Comparison

Front Range Harness

The Front Range Harness is Ruffwear's best-selling product, selling over 2.55M units globally. Fun Fact: every in-house pup at Mountain Dog owns a Front Range Harness (or 2!), making them a fan favourite here!

What makes these harnesses stand out, especially on our shop display, is their diverse range of colours - ourselves and our customers are always excited to see which colour Ruffwear will come up with next! The Spring/Summer 2022 collection features two brand new colours, Red Clay and Purple Sage, as pictured above.

This harness is super popular for dogs who pull, thanks to the front leash attachment, which offers the option for mild anti-pull training. The back attachment is very strong, standing up to even the heaviest and strongest pullers!

Like all Ruffwear harnesses, the Front Range is highly adjustable, featuring four points of adjustment for a brilliant fit. It's also built to be great for everyday wear, being super comfortable for your dog.


+ Huge range of colours (10 to choose from!)
+ Two durable leash attachments, one being at the front for anti-pull training
+ Highly adjustable
+ Perfect for everyday adventures
+ One of the more cost-effective harnesses in the Ruffwear lineup
+ Padded

Hi & Light Harness

The Hi & Light harness is a super lightweight version of the Front Range - we always recommend this harness to the smaller breeds that visit us! It starts from a size XXXS, making it perfect for dogs of all sizes.

With minimal padding and a low-profile design, this harness is also great for fast or light adventures. The new design features a new chest loop at the front, which can help with mild anti-pull. 

The Summer 2022 collection has seen a new design and colours for the Hi & Light! This harness is now available in four brand new colours, ready for the warmer weather.


+ Suitable for all sizes
+ Lightweight and suitable for fast adventures
+ Two leash attachment points, including front loop 
+ Brand new colours

Web Master Harness

The Web Master is known here as the houdini-proof harness, appropriately named as the harness is almost inescapable!

This harness is also well known among sighthound owners as an ergonomic, highly adjustable harness that can fit their deep-chested friends with ease. Five points of adjustment ensure the harness can fit a variety of dog breeds. One of these adjusters is found on the chest pad, which can be adjusted to accommodate for a sighthound's deeper chest.

Not only that - this harness is a favourite among search and rescue teams! It's a little more padded than the Hi & Light or Flagline, making it durable for rough terrain. The lift-and-assist handle on the back makes it easy to help their dogs along on the trail or out searching. Even for the everyday pet, this handle is great as a restraint!

It features two leash attachment points, but only on the back, meaning this particular product is not suitable for anti-pull training. 


+ Houdini-proof
+ Highly adjustable
+ Five points of adjustment, including an adjuster at the chest
+ Lift-and-assist handle
+ Three colours to choose from
+ Two leash attachment points on the back
+ Padded


Flagline Harness

Last, but certainly not least, is the Flagline harness! This nifty piece of dog gear is the perfect blend of all the above harnesses.

The Flagline features six points of adjustment, meaning almost any dog, of any shape, can find a great fit. It also makes this harness houdini-proof and extremely difficult to back out of. The lift-and-assist handle on the back makes this harness perfect for outdoor adventures over rocky or hilly terrain. It also features a front clip, which can be used for mild anti-pull.

Much like the Hi & Light, the Flagline is very lightweight, making it perfect for the summer!


+ Houdini-proof
+ Lift-and-assist handle
+ Six points of adjustment
+ Three leash attachment points, two on the back and one on the chest
+ Highly adjustable

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