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DOG Copenhagen - Comfort Walk Pro Harness *Latest Version*

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The Danish-made Comfort Walk Pro is a durable harness, designed for everyday escapades

The Comfort Walk Pro Harness from DOG Copenhagen is a strong and lightweight everyday harness made of durable stain and water-resistant materials with soft breathable padding. The harness is easy to fit and put on and comfortable for the dog to wear during any level of exercise. The easy-grab handle and two leash attachment options, one on the dog's back for everyday walks and one on the dog’s chest, provides additional control and flexibility.

Two Attachment Points
The Comfort Walk Pro features two aluminum leash attachment points - one on the back, one on the front. This makes the Walk Pro a great for mild anti-pull training.
Ergonomic Design
The Comfort Walk Pro is designed to fit your dog's shape, while being gentle on the neck and shoulders if your dog pulls.
Wide Range of Colours
The DOG Copenhagen harnesses are available in a wide range of bright colours, which are easy to pair with other accessories!
Materials & Care