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DNA - Artist Series - Summit Pro Lead

DNA - Artist Series - Summit Pro Lead

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We are delighted to launch the British-made Artist Series Lead, showcasing unique, original designs by Northumbrian artist Sarah Morpeth.

These patterned designs reflect her love of the countryside and coast - both of which are notable hallmarks of her intricate style.

DNA Dogwear are proud to collaborate with Sarah, and offer you strong and stylish dog equipment.

The length of the lead is built with British-sourced, patterned webbing, complete with a cushioned handle that is soft and comfortable to hold.

Complete with a rugged, snap-lock carabiner rated up to a breaking load of 4KN. This carabiner swivels 360 degrees, which helps prevent tangling.

Features an additional handle, helping to keep your dog close in emergencies or in busy urban areas. Complete with a bar at the handle to make grabbing in a pinch easier. Just below the main handle is an attachment for tying poop-bags.

Available Patterns:

Coastal Flock - Seagulls weave through the waves of candy stripe blue.
Gull Glide – A scene of soaring gulls, riding the summer thermals.
Foxes Den – Cunning foxes cast amongst the forest floor.
Nocturnal Spirit – Bathed in moonlight, foxes contrast against a dusky night sky.
Harwood Hare – A leash of hardy hares, in their Harwood home.
Moorland Hare – A classic silhouette of hares, set on the wild Moorland.
Poppy Meadow – Reminiscing of poppies, astride our rugged coast.
Summer Hedgerow –A bold print of fresh Northumbrian foliage.

Key Features

- 8 unique patterns to choose from, licensed by artist Sarah Morpeth.

- Inspired by Britain, designed in Britain & made in Britain.

- British-sourced webbing.

- Attachment for poop-bags.

- 360 degree snap-lock carabiner.

- Traffic handle, with separator for easier grip.

- Two lengths available to best suit you and your dog.


Snap-lock carabiner. Rated up to 4KN breaking load. Strong but lightweight. 16mm gate opening (suitable for most harnesses and collars.)

British-sourced webbing.

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