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DNA - Summit Tie-Out Line

DNA - Summit Tie-Out Line

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The Mountain Dog DNA Summit Tie-Out is an adjustable, double trigger tether to keep your dog secured to a parked vehicle or fixed anchor point.

Use your Summit Tie-Out by attaching your dog's harness/collar to one trigger and the other trigger to any fixed anchor point. This versatile Summit product can be used as a load-tie eye / anchor point on your vehicle, a spiral ground stake, or anything the trigger will connect to!

The Tie-Out is adjustable, to help ensure your dog only enjoys the length of freedom you want to give them.

The double trigger-hooks swivel 360°, which can limit tangling too!

This item comes in 2.5m, 5m and 10m variants and is adjustable down to 50% of that length to suit your requirements.

Key Features

- Double-ended, allowing for on-the-fly attachments to most vehicles, grass stakes or other static objects to a maximum of 1.4cm width (please ensure this is strong enough to take the weight of your dog.)

- 360° swivelling trigger-hooks minimise chances of entanglement.

- Some adjustability to the various length options, accommodating most breeds and sizes.

- Long length allows this tether to be used as a hitch for campsites, or on those much-needed pit stops or simply to keep your dog in certain areas of a garden.


The trigger-clip jaws opens up to a maximum of 1.4cm, please consider if this will affix to your chosen anchor point.

2.5m shortens to approx 1.25m
5m shortens to approx 2.5m
20m shortens to approx 5m

20mm width webbing


Polypropylene webbing

Strong Trigger hook / Outdoor grade stitching

86mm diecast trigger-hooks. Nickel-plated.

Recommended Use

Item is not intended to be used in a moving vehicle - for this, a shorter Road Trip tether would be advised,

This long tether provides a tether to fix to your dog to a stationery object, staked spirals and/or static vehicles - whatever a trigger clip can clip to really.

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