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KONG - Frizzle Toys

KONG - Frizzle Toys

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KONG Frizzles’ long fur makes these friendly fiends irresistible to curious pups itching for indoor adventures—and unbelievably soft snuggles. These shaggy sidekicks satisfy fetching and (gentle) chewing instincts. Not-so-scary squeaks and crinkles keep the action going. All sized dogs can grab the flat bodies.

Key Features

- Extra-long plush invites indoor adventures.

- Squeakers and crackle extend engagement.

- Flat body easy to grab for dogs.

- Adorably soft monsters ideal for not-so-scary snuggles.

- Reinforced for extended play.

Recommended Use

Mountain Dog provides toy products from only the most reputable brands and suppliers. Whilst these dog toys are generally durable, they do vary depending on your selection. All toys, positioned as tough or otherwise, can be susceptible to damage during play, especially if vigorous, or not used as intended. Always assess the suitability of an item before use, and always supervise play, so you can remove any damaged items should your dog enjoy them a little too much.

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