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Non-stop - CaniX Belt Pro

Non-stop - CaniX Belt Pro

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Weighing only 125 grams, the CaniX belt pro is so light you can hardly feel it. Still, it offers all the necessary support for running fast with your dog.

The CaniX belt pro was developed with World champions in canicross to enhance your performance.

The construction, known from our original CaniX belt, helps to take the strain off your lower back and promotes optimal running technique. The gliding carabiner follows your dog’s movement, providing equal pressure on your hips even if your dog is pulling off-center. This helps you maintain balance and get the most out of every stride even when cornering.

The breathable mesh ensures maximum comfort without sacrificing strength or function.

Several adjustment options make it easy to get the perfect fit for your body and preferences. After initial adjustment the belt is easy to quickly clip on and use with or without your dog attached.

The CaniX belt pro is available in one size, in the color black.


Circumference around the waist: 66-106 cm
Height: 125 mm
Weight: 125 g

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