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Non-stop - Working Dog Pulling Attachment

Non-stop - Working Dog Pulling Attachment

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Simply attach the Pulling attachment WD to the side rings of your Freemotion harness WD to enable resistance training with, for example, chains or a tire. The harness was originally developed for activities with a high pulling centre. With this attachment, you can also use the Freemotion harness WD for low-pulling centre activities.

The rear spacer bar prevents lateral compression of the hind legs when pulling weight.

Adjustable elastic straps over your dog’s rear end keep the attachment in position and prevent it from trailing on the ground, without putting pressure on your dog’s back.

The Pulling attachment WD is specifically designed to be compatible with the Freemotion harness Working Dog version. This harness is the only one equipped with side rings for this type of extension.

Key Features

- Two connection points for line.

- Nylon ripstop.

- Nylon webbing.

- Hypalon reinforcements.

- Closed-cell foam core.

- D-ring.

Recommended Use

Thread the webbing straps through the side rings on each side of the Freemotion harness WD.

Guide the webbing through the slip-lock to securely position the strap as desired.

The spacer bar should sit approximately 5 - 10 centimeters/1,9 - 3,9 inches behind your dog.

The elastic straps over your dog’s back will keep the bar in place. Adjust these straps to fit comfortably over your dog's hips.

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