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Ruffwear - BackTrak Evacuation Kit

Ruffwear - BackTrak Evacuation Kit

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The BackTrak Evac Kit™ is an emergency evacuation kit that’s prepared for the unexpected so you and your dog can confidently go out and go further.

It includes two components: a lightweight first-aid dog muzzle, and a human vest with a built-in dog carrying sling. Together, these are designed to aid you if an emergency situation comes up and your dog is injured or sick and unable to get back to the car under their own power.

The first-aid muzzle features micro-adjustability around the snout and has a buckle for quick and easy securing behind your dog's ears. The human vest/dog sling features several points of adjustment for the dog and human, with color-coded straps for easy setup. It can be worn with the dog either in the front or the back.

Sizing is based on your dog's girth size. Human vest measurements are the same for all sizes: Chest strap fits up to 67 in (170 cm); waist strap fits up to 79 in (200 cm).

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