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Non-stop - Working Dog Freemotion Harness

Non-stop - Working Dog Freemotion Harness

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The Freemotion harness WD is a working dog pulling harness designed for activities such as running, biking, skiing or pulling objects like chains or a tire. The original Freemotion harness was developed for activities with a high pulling center only. However, the two side rings on this version allow you to attach the Pulling attachment WD (sold separately). This feature enables resistance training with a low-pulling center for added versatility.

When leaning into the harness, the pull force is distributed evenly over your dog’s body. The harness is designed with inspiration from working horse tack where the pull force is coming from the side of the neck, in addition to top and bottom. This unique design combined with a Y-shaped neck opening allows your dog to move unrestricted with minimal breathing constraints.

Key Features

- Allows for evenly distributing force when pulling.

- Y-shape chest piece enables unrestricted breathing, staying clear of the windpipe.

- Two side rings allow for use with the Pulling Attachment.

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