Spring into 2021 - Great New Ruffwear Gear

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As the leading online and event partner of Ruffwear in the UK, Mountain Dog are always excited to welcome new gear and innovation into our offers from our friends in Oregon (and Co Durham for that fact!!).

The first phase of the Spring 2021 launch (17/2/21) excites us more than most years as it introduces two great new harnesses, a new flexible training lead - the Switchbak, and re-boots and improves old favourites such as the Roamer Leash, Quencher Bowl and the beautifully designed Flat Out Leash & Collar range. Add to that some new colour variants of the ever popular Front Range Harness making Ruffwear an even more compelling choice.

Couple these with an industry leading warranty, the most cohesive colour palette choice we've seen from them in a while and not only will you have great gear you can rely on, you'll also have a very stylish doggo on your hands too. Mountain Dog wrap this with our five star service too, what's not to like?

The Harnesses

The Switchbak Harness - By far the most influential product in this launch in our opinion

This product, which takes its design cues from the market leading Front Range harness, steps forward adding a second belly belt, grab handle and low profile pockets making it a fantastic all round and easy to put on harness for any adventure.

The second belly belt helps control those Houdini dogs who just seem to be able to escape anything, the handle is great for close control or lifting, and the pockets, well what self respecting dog doesn't want to carry their own gear? Who knew dogs had suffered the same pocketless indignity that all women face on a daily basis? We know a handbag really isn't an option for your pooch - well not in this release anyway :-)

Available in Granite Grey, Blue Moon & Red Sumac this harness matches the Front Range collar and lead set too.


The Front Range Day Pack - The Switchback+

This product builds on the Switchbak but also has increased capacity in the saddlebags/pockets making it perfect for longer adventures.

Available in Aurora Teal, Blue Moon & Red Clay. All but the Red Clay matches the Front Range collar and lead set.

Both new harnesses benefit from a chest loop for anti-pull training, reflective detailing, a light loop for securing a Ruffwear Beacon and, importantly, 5 points of adjustment to get a perfect fit.

Build quality is very high and consistent with other Ruffwear products. Often their design choices aren't visible to you as the user but you can be assured of integrity with Ruffwear's material specifications and manufacturing methods as they always have a focus on lifetime strength and reliability, as well as great looks of course!

Front Range Harness - The classic

The harness that we all know and love now comes in two new colours - Aurora Teal, a lighter teal than the amazingly popular Tumalo Teal version AND Blue Moon which is a darker and slightly less purplish than Huckleberry Blue.

Matching Front Range Collars & Leashes in these great new collars are released too - Well you have to match!


Three Leads and Another Collar

Two very popular leashes, The Roamer & The Flat Out, have been re-modelled in this launch and we are so pleased to get them back into stock in their new form.

There's also the exciting introduction of the Switchbak leash - a new training/ multi-purpose leash which plugs a long-standing gap in Ruffwear's range.

The Roamer - The bungee / running one

We lead (See what we did?) with the Roamer as this will, initially, be by far the best selling of the new trio. This is a classic bungee leash that can be waist worn or adjusted down to a standard leash type handle. Great for running, walking and everything in between this leash is available in two lengths - medium which extends from 1.7m to 2.1m, and large which travels 2.2m to 3.4m.

Top tip for waist wearers: that maximum length includes the bit that goes around your body so do take that into account before choosing a length.

For 2021 the bungee has been strengthened and is available in new colours: Granite Grey, Blue Atoll & Red Sumac.

The Flat Out Leash - Think same as Roamer but fixed rather than bungee 

The Flat Out Leash is a fixed version of the Roamer so if bungee isn't your thing and something more predictable is your goal this is your leash. Again waist worn or adjusted down to a handle is the order of the day with this one.

Length is 1.8m and comes in 12 outdoor inspired patterns - they are all pretty stunning with great romantically named designs like Wildflower Horizon, Oceanic Distortion, Fall Mountains and more - wonderful choice for you, a headache for our buying team who are constantly trying to keep everything in stock!

The best bit of the Flat Out Leash is that the collar formerly known as The Hoopie has now been re-modelled into the Flat Out Collar matching the Flat Out Leash's designs but in a collar form. These comes in three different sizes each, so thirty six variants for your delectation - great for you but I think we may need to check the buying team into a spa for a while after this release :-) 

Both the Roamer & Flat Out Leash benefit from the Talon Clip which offers single handed on/off for all but the tiniest of hands, a traffic/close control loop and an accessory loop for convenient waste bag storage.

They say both leashes can also be easily wrapped around an appropriately girthed tree or post due to the fact they have clips to adjust and secure to your waist - we love marketing, it's great :-)

The Switchbak Leash - The 2 Clip Swiss Army knife of leashes

It always threw us why Ruffwear didn't produce a training leash when they have so many great harnesses that could benefit from one. Good news is that they have filled this lonely void with the Switchbak Leash but in addition they've offered so much more in this new configuration.

Not only have they rose to the challenge on the two ended clip front, the Switchbak Leash offers full adjustability between 0.75m and 2m and can be worn over the shoulder, around the waist or for the ambitious as a coupler for two dogs - oh yes and as a double connect training leash thing, but I think we said that.

It truly is a super utility leash and once the great dog owning public start to play and understand how it can benefit them we can see this leash be as popular as their other lines (again see what we did?).

Finally the bowls

Anyone familiar with Ruffwear's history knows that it all started with a bowl. They built their business from this and it's great to see that this stalwart of the range continues.

Luckily (for our buyers anyway) they now offer their market leading Quencher packable bowls in three sizes and a few great new colours.

Feeling extravagant? Then check out the Quencher Cinch Top which has had the same makeover but has an in-built draw string in this pumped up version. Our buyers love this one even more, two sizes and one colour - I think we've calmed the palpations that the Flat Out range started!

Coming in late April but available to pre-order now:

Some great re-models on the Float Coat Life Jacket which improves on the previous model immensely with the use of memory foam.

Wonderful toys have also been given a makeover:

The Lunker, The Hover Craft & The Hydro Plane 


More on those when we are in a suitably irreverent mood to sum up our take on those little beauties.

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